Disclaimer: We truly believe the parent/guardians of a child have the most influence on them- Spiritually and emotionally. Our aim is to connect the church and home, not replace the child's parent/guardian with a "youth pastor does all mentality". We want to encourage and walk along side the parent/guardians to see them "win" at raising their child up in the ways of the Lord.

Here are some ways our youth ministry will help your child grow Spiritually and emotionally:

* Encourage them to begin and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus.

* Purposefully read and apply God's Word

* Explore and gain a biblical worldview through interactive discussions and lessons

* Intentionally learn how to pray and grow in their prayer life

* Excitement in life through relationship building among peers in a healthy and safe setting

* Passionately worship and sing through music

* Step out and serve in different ministries in the church (ie; video presentation, music team, nursery, Jr. Church, greeter's team, and much more)

Youth Group

Our youth meet every Wednesday night at 5:30 pm downstairs in the church for relevant teaching and interactive biblical lessons. The format of the night is usually Game/Introductions, Worship Music, lesson and then group prayer. It lasts around 1 ½ - 2 hours and goes by quickly!

Summer Camp

It is always a great time when the youth are able to get out and experience God outdoors. Each year we take our youth on a camping trip and have fun exploring God’s creation as well as spiritually growing as a group.


In addition to the FaithWorks Youth events (Read below), we put on fun events for our youth throughout the year. These events are designed for them to invite friends and get out and have fun as a group. (Examples are; movie nights, board game nights, scavenger hunts, sports, pool parties, etc.)

Permission Slip

FaithWorks Youth:

About 9 years ago, our youth pastor helped start the "FaithWorks Youth" (Formerly Youth Pastor's Association) group. This group consists of various church's youth pastors. They meet often to pray together, encourage one another and plan large events to include all of the youth in the area. The events have helped cement confidence in students on their campuses to ensure them that they are not the only Christians and that they can be bold about their faith as one unit, one body of Christ.

FaithWorks Youth's purpose in detail can be summed up in two ways:

1) To create healthy fun events in order to equip young believers for God’s work on their school campuses, relationships, and the rest of their lives. The biggest event of the year is a combined all-nighter called Fusion.

The newest event, added February 2018, was a combined Winter Camp called Alive!

 2) To reach the lost by presenting opportunities to enter into a new exciting personal relationship with Jesus Christ; the only hope for our community, and world.