Sound Bible Teaching. The Bible is God’s inspired Word and is our guide for Christian belief and Christian living. We prepare Christians, through the practical preaching and teaching of God’s Word, to follow Christ in every sphere of life.

Lay Ministry. Every member is a minister and is called by God to participate in the work of the church. The pastors/elders and leaders serve the members by preparing them for this ministry.

Outward Focus. People matter to God and matter to this church. We want everyone to experience God’s grace and love through faith in Jesus Christ. We reach out to the local community in ways that are culturally relevant.

Community and Relationships. Building personal relationships is vital to spiritual birth and spiritual growth. Small-group ministry is one of the most effective means of building relationships, stimulating spiritual growth, receiving pastoral care, and developing leaders.

Discipleship. Full devotion to Christ and His cause is normal for every believer. This is a process of character transformation that continues throughout our lives.

Unity and Diversity. Members must stand together on primary, essential Christian doctrines. We keep the main things the main things and will not be distracted by issues of secondary importance. In all of our beliefs we demonstrate love.

Prayer. God desires His people to pray and He hears and answers prayer. The ministries and activities of this church are characterized by reliance upon prayer in their conception, planning, and execution.

Youth Ministry. Ministries to children and youth are just as important as adult ministries. We reach out to, encourage, and disciple the youth in our church body- and in our area.

Music Ministry. Throughout the Bible music has been used as a vessel to display and give glory to God's character and attributes as well as express our desire to grow and draw closer to Him. We believe that there is no perfect or right genre of music to accomplish this. We strive to be creative in our music style blending all genres, but focusing on the main message of Jesus Christ, our only hope, and the Savior of the world. We are passionate in our worship because we have much to be grateful to God for!