Our Mission and Goals:

  • To encourage each person to begin and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • To help people acquire a rich understanding of God’s Word and its application to their daily lives.
  • To coach people in a life-style of worship, obedience, and continual reliance upon Jesus.
  • To offer fun opportunities for people to serve God, to develop friendships, and to reach out to their friends and neighbors.

We are an imperfect church, imperfect people but serve and amazingly perfect God... come join us!

Here are a few opportunities...

Men and women's ministries:

Small groups, events, camps/retreats, etc.

Music ministries:

Instruments, vocals, sound, video, etc.

Music Ministry Volunteer Packet

Sunday ministries:

Jr. Church, nursery, Sunday school, greeter team, announcements, after service food, etc.

Missions and outreach:

Trip planning, communications, events, visitations, etc.