A Brief History of the First Christian Church of Red Bluff, California

The Christian Church, one of Red Bluff’s oldest churches, began January 23, 1881. Twenty-four members came together to organize the congregation incorporated as The Christian Church. The first services were held in a small chapel on Madison Street, just north of the current building. Later, the lots the church now sits on were purchased and the present building was finished in 1900. The building itself was a purchased “kit” from the Sears & Roebuck catalogue. It was shipped around South America, then delivered by train from San Francisco.

The church has several unique features as well as a few of the original pews. Several doors, usually open, roll up like antique desk-tops into the ceiling. Three large stained glass windows and several smaller ones complement the beautiful wood of the interior.

Improvements and modernization have occurred over the years, and more are anticipated, as funds allow, to meet the needs of our increasingly technical world.

The Christian Church had its beginnings during the period of American church history called the “The Great Awakening.” The founding fathers of FCC saw themselves as “Christians only, not the only Christians” and called for a return to the simplicity of the New Testament church. The Christian Church began with an emphasis upon unity as found in the core truths of the Bible. Some of these core truths included; a strong belief that the Bible was the all-sufficient revelation of God and the only rule of faith and practice, the recognition that the only creed or confession required to be a Christian was faith in Jesus Christ, the conviction that communion should be open to all Christians, and a commitment to living out the truth that all believers are “believer-priests” and thus a sharp distinction between “clergy” and “laity” was unwarranted.

It was recognized the original vision and simplicity of the Christian Church denomination had moved away from its early doctrine and in 1991, the membership in Red Bluff voted to leave the denomination and became an independent, non-denominational church. Now, as at the beginning, our focus is on strong biblical teaching and understanding of the Word of God, and living it out in our daily lives.